Olive Oil

At Mayse bakery we prefer to use olive oil because of its health benefits. Contents: Saturated fat, Polyunsaturated fat, Monounsaturated fat, Sodium, Potassium, Iron, Vitamin

E, VitaminK, Calcium, Zinc, Phitosterols.

                                                                 Nutrion facts

1. Best edible oil in terms of palatability, stability, lipid, profile, and safety profiles

2. It is rich in energy

3. Has high smoke point – 210 Celsius.

4. Exellent lipid profile.

5. Natively cold -pressed oil is of the stable cooking oils featuring a very long shelf life.

                                                                Health benefits.

1. Has distinct flavor and taste

2. Recognized as one of the healthiest edible oil. Contents Omega 3, Omega 6.

3. High of calories

4. Contains tyrosol phenolic compounds such. There are powerful antioxidants.

5. Content oleocanthal has ibuprofen like antiflammatory activities.

6. Very high plant sterols. Competitively inhibit cholesterol in the gut and reduce total cholesterol.

7. Rich with vitamin E

8. Rich with vitamin K which increase of bone mass.