Meet The Team


Alex is a musician from Latvia who always missed a good quality bread  since moved to Hong Kong.
It is a tradition to bake a sourdough rye bread in Latvia and he decided to bring his baking to Hong Kong and intruduce people with a fantastic flavourful bread.
Alex started by baking for his dear family and friends. Slowly other people also started to express interest in this unique sourdough bread. Alex had a dream to open his own bakery and now he is opening one here in Hong Kong. It makes Alex so happy to be able to bake something what he loves with his own hands and to share it with others!


Elina, baker's daughter is an artist who is passionate about the bread. She is a co - founder of the bakery  and is dealing with customer service, business development, marketing and social media daily. She is so excited to have a small family business and to work with her father side by side.